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New products

Acidic ramming masses: We produce acidic ramming masses with different Boron Oxide equivalent for different applications as well as pure ramming quartzite mixes with no boron oxide. The competitive price and the un sacrificed quality make our ramming mass the smart choice for almost any foundry especially for melting iron and non ferrous metals like copper , brass and other alloys.



Our ramming masses are characterized by the following:

  • high refractory and strength in high temperatures
  • dimensional stability in variable temperatures
  • Chemical stability at the contact with molten metal and slag
  • Wear resistant and compact
  • Easy and quick installation

For more information please visit our acidic ramming mass product page.


Silex grinding media and blocks: For iron free grinding of minerals we have developed the silex grinding media and the silex lining blocks. Those products are made of natural stone with SiO2 content min. 97%. They grind the feed without adding any impurities in the final product. They can be adapted to any dry mill grinding process. The main advantages of those product are:

  • Hardness
  • High density
  • Excellent oval shape (for the grinding media)
  • High silica content min 97%
  • Long life

for more information on our silex products visit the product page.

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