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Silica flours

Micronized silica fillers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Our high quality silica powders can be successfully used in ceramics, plastics, rubber, paints and other coatings for properties enhancements. The major improvements imparted by silica fillers include:

  • increase in stiffness
  • strength
  • surface hardness
  • temperature resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • scratch resistance
  • better surface smoothness and gloss

These qualities are in ever increasing demand, as the surface requirements for plastics and other polymer materials are going stringent.

Some other advantages that can be gained by introducing silica fillers are:

  • weather resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • reduced flammability
  • water resistance
  • better thermal conductivity
  • improved whiteness
  • reduced raw material costs
  • wear resistance

We take pride in producing wide variety of high quality ground silica powders. The autogenous milling process and the precise particle size control after the mill guarantee the repeating quality of each batch of ground silica.

For more information on the specifications of our ground silica products check the specification sheets or contact us.



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