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Welcome to the DINAS PLC

Dinas JSC was established in 1973. Since then we have been exploiting and quarrying quartzite in our deposit near the village of Strupetz – 25 km to the west from the city of Sliven. The silica raw material is unique for the country with its chemical and physicomechanical properties. The quartzite is characterized by high silica content, low impurities level and high refractory index.

  The quality of our silica raw material makes it possible for our products of crushed silica sands and aggregates to be used in various applications such as: foundry, construction, mineral filler, gardening etc.


New projects

Our company is about to be granted the concession rights for two deposits of stone facing materials during 2012.

Bigor (Travertine) : The first deposit is near the town of Gurkovo Kazanlak Municipality and it is for the extremely rare stone Bigor close to the Travertine type of stone facing materials. That stone forms around rich CaCo3 waters falling from a sufficient height.

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New products

Acidic ramming masses: We produce acidic ramming masses with different Boron Oxide equivalent for different applications as well as pure ramming quartzite mixes with no boron oxide. The competitive price and the un sacrificed quality make our ramming mass the smart choice for almost any foundry especially for melting iron and non ferrous metals like copper , brass and other alloys.

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In our machine park we have all the basic machines needed for quarry development and processing. They can be successfully used in civil and public construction projects as well.


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