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The high refractoriness of our quartzite allowed us to develop extremely competitive acidic ramming mass refractory products for the iron casting industry. It is used as the hot face lining of a coreless induction furnace. Our ramming mass is successfully used in the melting of pig iron, low carbon steel and copper alloys. The implementation of new technologies and the research and development process that has been undergoing in our company for the past few years made it possible for us to take pride in our product. The result of our efforts was that we managed to achieve excellent performance coming at an unbeatable price. For more information on our refractory products please visit the product page.

Some of our sand products and silica flours can be used in the casting processes as well. We manufacture silica sand with SiO2 content min 98% in different grain sizes and particle size distributions. Our silica powder is produced in our autogenuous mill and the particle size is controlled by an airflow separator.



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