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About us

   Dinas JSC was established in 1973 being then the only Bulgarian producer of siliceous refractory bricks. In the late 90s we stopped the production of refractory bricks and the company policy took a turn into modernizing and developing its quartzite quarry and marketing its crushed quartzite products for the ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy. Our desire to diversify our product portfolio was the reason that we started the research for developing new deposits of stone facing materials in the year 2004.

   The process of privatization in 1998 marked the beginning of the transformation of our company. Ever since then we have been conducting a policy of investing in new efficient technologies, researching new markets, developing new products and improving the quality of the already produced ones. Staying close to our customers along with the never ending desire to improve and optimize our products so that they respond to the highest customer’s expectations is what makes us a modern and responsible company.

   The deposits: Dinas JSC exploits a high quality quartzite quarry near the village of Strupetz 25 km westwards from the city of Sliven. The high silica content, low level of other impurities and high refractoriness make this raw material unique for our country. The quality of our quartzite makes it possible for our products from crushed aggregates and silica sand to be used in various applications such as foundry, water filtration, construction, mineral filler etc.

   In 2012 the Government of Bulgaria granted the concession of two deposits for stone facing materials to Dinas JSC. The materials are limestone and colored granites. The development of the quarries is planned for the near future.
Production facilities: Our production facilities are situated at the heart of the industrial zone in the city of Sliven. The drying, grinding, screening, mixing and packing is done here.

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