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Acidic Ramming mass

We started the production of our acidic ramming masses for coreless induction furnaces in the early 1980s. Ever since then we have strived to continuously develop and improve our product to match the best standards in the industry. We source the best quartzite from our deposit with silica content min. 98.5 %. The top quality quartzite is then crushed down to 5 mm and double washed on our sand washing and classifying plant supplied by the leader in the sand washing and classifying equipment CDE Global Ltd. In this way we guarantee that the raw material used for the production of the ramming mass is absolutely free of impurities. The crushed quartzite is then dried and screened. The grinding is done in our autogenous mill lined with our silex block and using our silex pebbles as grinding media in this way avoiding any contamination in the final product.

We produce acidic ramming masses with different Boric Oxide equivalent for different applications as well as pure ramming quartzite mixes with no boric oxide.

Our ramming masses are characterized by the following:

  • high refractory and strength in high temperatures
  • dimensional stability in variable temperatures
  • Chemical stability at the contact with molten metal and slag
  • Wear resistant and compact
  • Easy and quick installation.

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