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Silica Sands

SILICA is the most abundant mineral found in the crust of the earth. It forms an important constituent of practically all rock-forming minerals. It is found in a variety of forms, as quartz crystals, massive forming hills, quartz sand (silica sand), sandstone, quartzite, flin, onyx etc., and in with numerous other forms depending upon colour. We take pride in exploiting one of the purest quartzite deposits on the Balkan peninsula reaching SiO2 content up to 98.8 %. It takes up to 4 stages of crushing to bring down the monolithic rock down to manufactured quartzite sand. We control every single stage of crushing and classifying so that we can guarantee the quality of our end products. For some special applications like water filtration and refractory use our manufactured sand undergoes additional washing and classifying process in our sand washing plant supplied by the leader in the sandwashing and classifying industry CDE GLOBAL.

our silica sand product folioincludes different grades of dry and wet sand.In our sand drying and screening plant in Sliven we have the ability to produce various sand products and blends for specific applications.

Check the detailed specification of our sand products below:


Dry mixtures Self leveling floors Foundry
Sport fields Water filtration  

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